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Sled Pull - Sept. 11th

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Midsouth Diesel Pullers is having a sled pull in Lynnville, Tn on September 11th. It is not to far from the Alabama line, just under an hour. Should be a good time for a get together with some truck fun. Anyone interested in going? I know some of the TPS guys will be there. There will also be a Dunbar's dyno there as well.

Lynnville, Tn - Google Maps

Mid-South Diesel Pullers

Attendance list:

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Im kind of a big deal LMAO
i think im actually pullin in the stock class next sat
I would be too if I didnt have to go to a wedding.
Good deal. I am ready to pull
Yes I am. I will probably be pulling before Sept. 11th as well.
She'll be all right
We need to make this into another joint g2g
If none of the Dixie Strokers are interested in this I will probably be going to SSS in NC
I dont know for sure.
Tom, I assume you are camping. Where at?
Didnt know about the drive train. What happened?
Just saw it.

Looked at the rules MSDP and it said I have to have restraints for my drive line
So im going to need them?
Ok cool. I know im not over 8500lbs
I got to drill out my hitch lock now.
Can passengers ride while you pull?
Well I was shooting for the Coach choice.
Sweet. That would nice for me.I had Brad ride with me my first time down the track so I wouldnt look like a DA. lol
Lol, well most of what you need to know I should be able to tell you right before they hook the chain up.

After that it's on you to learn your truck.
I figured that, but I would never think about stopping before the flagmen if I wanted a re-hook.

You can enter your truck twice, with a different driver for each hook though.


I can "test" your truck in class 1, since I'll probably be pulling my truck in 2.
You break it you buy it :lol:
Lmao. I dont like touching stuff I dont own either.
1 - 20 of 79 Posts
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