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Sled Pull - Sept. 11th

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Midsouth Diesel Pullers is having a sled pull in Lynnville, Tn on September 11th. It is not to far from the Alabama line, just under an hour. Should be a good time for a get together with some truck fun. Anyone interested in going? I know some of the TPS guys will be there. There will also be a Dunbar's dyno there as well.

Lynnville, Tn - Google Maps

Mid-South Diesel Pullers

Attendance list:

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Mr. Dunbar will be there with his dyno.

For those that don't know Mr. Dunbar has a reputation for being the most accurate dyno tech availible for diesels. He's kind of a big deal (Ron Burgundy voice)

Rules for the pullin classes are a little weird, but if you're runnin a tuner/chip, intake and exhaust then you can pull stock class. There's a 6oh not far from me that usually wins that class with a bully dog so, y'all got a chance.

If you're runnin a stock turbo with fuel mods they make you pull class 2. Mod your turbo and you're class 3, etc.

7.3 guys with a garret 38r or a D66 should be able to pull class 1 (stock) though. The tech guys aren't 100% sure what they're lookin at on our trucks.

The 6oh guy, and myself were litterally the only ford powerd fords outa 50+ trucks a few weeks ago.
i think im actually pullin in the stock class next sat
See ya there.
Head studs in a 6oh is like tires on anything else...

It's just a matter of time, don't even get excited...
Why not? Probably do better than you'd think.

And nothing breaks the first hook that wouldn't have broke daily driving.

I pulled for a year on completely stock suspension, and wore out one u-joint. Driver finesse goes a long way too.
Actually, last year I drove down and back for it both nights. Not sure if I'll camp or not this year, might actually look at a hotel room or something. Thinkin I might trailer the truck after almost destroying my drivetrain this weekend. Long way to walk.
Not in class 1.

That should be a class 2 and up rule.

And, FWIW, they let my ducktape my ujoints since I don't have shields installed.
U-joint shields is what they're looking for...
No not in class 1.

And if you pull class 2, you're still a class 1 truck, so you shouldn't need 'em.
No, has nothing to do with rated weight.

It's how much your truck is allowed to weigh.
Usually, it's not just no, but hell no.

Sometimes it depends on your excuse for havin a passenger.

Coach? Usually can get away with that.

For fun? No way.
Lol, I know the guy sponsoring it, so as long as your truck weighs in with both of us in it we can probably swing it.
Lol, well most of what you need to know I should be able to tell you right before they hook the chain up.

After that it's on you to learn your truck.
You can enter your truck twice, with a different driver for each hook though.


I can "test" your truck in class 1, since I'll probably be pulling my truck in 2.
Hell no, I don't touch stuff I don't own.

I just wanted to see you tell me to get bent lol.
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