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Single Shallow 12" Sub Behind Rear Seat in Crew Cab... Box Dimensions?

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I have tossed around the idea of a powered sub or bazooka tube for a quick, easy install. But the kid in me wants to go with a 12" shallow mount kicker with a 1000w Mono block amp.

I have built several boxes in the past but wanted to see y'alls ideas before I embark on this adventure.

I need between 1-2cu.ft. sealed air space and about 4.5" mounting depth. I have the power window and don't mind cutting some of the carpet away. I plan to put behind drivers side rear seat and remove the tray. I should be close to 8.5" on the bottom by doing this and hope that would give me room for mounting depth...

Has anyone else created a single 12" box with room for amp and tire jack?
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Iv got 2 12"s in my crew cab. By hobby I am a dj/sound tech/musician and the 12"s to me are almost too much in my truck. Need to upgrade the speakers in my doors to accommodate the volume of the subs. I'll post a pic of my box in the morning.

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2004stroker, I'd be very interested to find out which 12s you used and the dimensions of the box or where you got it.

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I just threw it together in the garage bro. I'll take some pictures of it and post them. I'm thinking it's a 14x14 and it's triangular shaped angled to a point and has 2 1" port holes. Ken wood 12" with a ken wood 180watt amp bridged. I couldn't find a box in a shop that I liked and I didn't want to pay to have a custom box built.

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