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Single Shallow 12" Sub Behind Rear Seat in Crew Cab... Box Dimensions?

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I have tossed around the idea of a powered sub or bazooka tube for a quick, easy install. But the kid in me wants to go with a 12" shallow mount kicker with a 1000w Mono block amp.

I have built several boxes in the past but wanted to see y'alls ideas before I embark on this adventure.

I need between 1-2cu.ft. sealed air space and about 4.5" mounting depth. I have the power window and don't mind cutting some of the carpet away. I plan to put behind drivers side rear seat and remove the tray. I should be close to 8.5" on the bottom by doing this and hope that would give me room for mounting depth...

Has anyone else created a single 12" box with room for amp and tire jack?
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Amps can be mounted to the back wall of cab under window. I have six mounted in my SC now along with two electronic crossovers. Not sure if I have latest pics in my profile or not. May be of just five amps. Need to get on computer and update. I gave in and ran four 8" subs under rear seat. Still sounds good not deep like a 12 though.

You can make it work. I crammed more. :)
Here are some pictures of my truck.

6 Amps and 2 Electronic Crossovers It is 12 active channels at 75 watts per channel at 4 ohms with less than 0.003 THD. 900 watts total.
It's all about the sound quality but it's also loud but not a system that flexes glass lol

The sheet metal running in front of the bottom amps is the cooling system for them. It is thermostat controlled. Can see the motor all the way to the right. Works well too being that's all behind the seat.
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Her are pictures of my truck.

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Looks like a nice setup, great work! I did a center console setup between the rear buckets with one 15 in my Harley that sounded nice. I run active aswell off a Pioneer 80PRS.
The Pioneer; is that the newer one that is all active with only the RCA for outputs.

If so that is a very nice deck, I have a buddy that just bought one and it is wild how you can manipulate everything. Good stuff for sure Pioneer has put some great equipment out to the market.
My system is all old school except for the Alpine HU and if coarse speakers. The Nakamichi 8" woofers are getting replaced with JL's next week.
Play It.......
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