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Simplest OBD2 Scanner for 6.7?

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I recently got a 2012 F250 6.7 Powerstroke--it's my first diesel truck and it started to throw a couple codes. The scanner I have just provides a general code that is pretty useless.

I've searched and read a bunch of threads here on scanners, and it seems like using a laptop with an OBD2 adapter and Forscan is the way to go. However, I would prefer a standalone, handheld scanner--all I need is to retrieve the codes and fault descriptions. I don't need any programming or anything else--my truck is a stock work truck and my intent is to keep it that way.--except for an S&S Disaster Prevention Kit.

Thanks in advance,
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As long as you have a smart phone, you can also download the FORSCAN LITE app for your android/iphone and use it with the OBDII dongle. That's as handheld as you get :D Or are you talking about a plug and play scanner without having to use the dongle? Forscan app or program is a great code reader and trouleshooting tool.

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As long as you have a smart phone, you can also download the FORSCAN LITE app...

Thanks, I was looking at that--but the recommended bluetooth OBD2 adapter is $140--this truck is gonna bleed me dry at this point. I was hoping for something a bit less $$$. I've seen bluetooth OBD2 adapters for $15-40, but it seems unclear if they'll work. Looking in the reviews, I've seen both "yes they work with Forscan" and "no they don't" for the same product.
No don't have to pay that much. The ODBII dongles below will do exactly what you need them to do when paired with the Forscan Lite App or the Forscan Program and a tablet/laptop. Just a note though, the Forscan program for tablet/laptop isn't supported for iOS devices, so you'll have to use the app if you have an iPAD/MAC/iPHONE.

For iOS
WiFi OBDII Reader / Scanner for iOS Devices (

For Android
BAFX Products庐 - Wireless Bluetooth OBD2 Reader / Scanner for Android Devices

Forscan Lite App - $5
Bluetooth OBDII Dongle - $22/$26
Total for a good code reader/monitor/scanner with basic tests & control functions - <$32!!

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No don't have to pay that much. The ODBII dongles below will do exactly what you need...
Thanks much--I do have an iPhone, and was looking to go that way. I appreciate help, and saving a few $$$.
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Although I have forscan, if I had to, I'd scan and punch the code in a search engine, or better yet in! And if a couple hundred is going to bleed you dry, maybe you should rethink your purchase of a diesel truck. EvErYtHiNG on these trucks is double or more what it costs to maintain a 1/2 ton truck. Invest in the tools to do most of the repairs yourself if you're handy, otherwise the shops charge big Iike the trucks are!
Although I have forscan, if I had to, I'd scan and punch the code in a search engine...
Thanks for the response. For reference, I was a Rolls Royce/Bentley/Jaguar mechanic in my (much) younger days--I'm not too concerned about fixing things myself. The codes I'm getting are general codes that don't drill down to the specific issue, and looking them up just gives me about 50 different possibilities. Hence, my search for something that actually points me at the problem. My truck is stock, I'm not tuning, deleting, reprograming, or anything else--I just need to be able to fix what's wrong, when it goes wrong.

And, I know these are expensive, my comment was tongue in cheek, sort of. I've already put $3k into it in the last month, but I've got to stop the bleeding where I can--I don't need to pay for an expensive scanner that does a bunch of crap I'm not going to use.
What was the 3k for? Glad to hear you're capable. The best resource you have is right here. There are a lot of helpful people that have had all the problems you can pretty much encounter in any of these trucks.
What was the 3k for?
So much stuff... new bed, brake lines, cab mount bushings, misc Ford specific hardware, manual locking hubs--mine were frozen. Batteries are coming up, and probably a DEF tank heater.
Anytime I buy a used vehicle I expect to put about 2k into it. It's rare that you get a used vehicle that's fresh on everything. Sounds like you're right about what I expect to do when buying used. Double that for diesel and you're still under budget!
If you haven't yet and the previous owner never replace the CAC pipe by now that should be on your list. Every stock one fails. If it's plastic then its junk. there are a few out there but this is the company I got mine from. I did not get the polished one and just punch in your year and get that one. They seem to fail while you are on the road and not in the driveway so there's that.
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