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Simple Centrifuge Home build

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After reading tons of messages on various forums I decided a centrifuge would be ideal for my filtering/dewatering system. I read trade offs of the pump driven style (Dieselcraft) vs a "real" centrifuge based on components from the guys at Simple Centrifuge

After sitting the fence a bit and hearing that the turnkey system from simplecentrifuge was going to cost $2,200 I decided to jump in and build one myself. I stumbled across Leon Griffin at WVO Designs who shares an open-source design using the simple centrifuge bowl and a welded enclosure.

I decided to spin a version of his design and try to build one as cheaply as possible and more importantly require no welding.

What follows are some pictures and captions detailing my progress.
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the motor is, or can be wired for 240, or 120.....

the motor costs 179.00, i have them

The bowls, the first batch are going for 315, or 350 for the large one

the whole unit should, i am trying to make and sell them for 799.....

I am working on a unit with a bigger motor and a 12 inch bowl for extended run times, and more volume of oil cleaned faster, it should have a 5000 rpm motor, the grav forces will be huge

you can call me or email me if you like, i can im my info
Can you PM me with your ph. number? Very interested in making a purchase. Thanks.
1 - 1 of 133 Posts
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