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Simple Centrifuge Home build

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After reading tons of messages on various forums I decided a centrifuge would be ideal for my filtering/dewatering system. I read trade offs of the pump driven style (Dieselcraft) vs a "real" centrifuge based on components from the guys at Simple Centrifuge

After sitting the fence a bit and hearing that the turnkey system from simplecentrifuge was going to cost $2,200 I decided to jump in and build one myself. I stumbled across Leon Griffin at WVO Designs who shares an open-source design using the simple centrifuge bowl and a welded enclosure.

I decided to spin a version of his design and try to build one as cheaply as possible and more importantly require no welding.

What follows are some pictures and captions detailing my progress.
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I just ordered some aluminum, I have found the baldor dealer near me, and i am going to attempt to make one, I have a lathe, and have access to cnc lathes

the metal is not too pricey, low volume is 80 dollars for one 9 inch X 3.25 inch thich 6061 aluminum disc

I have to research the center a but more, I seen where the guy who built one was using the special nut for his, and it had to be an inch +-.001....

First post......

metal will be here in 2 days, I ordered a lot extra
I think turning in a cnc will do fine if it is billet material, which mine is, porous material would be out of balance for sure

I will do some testing of the first unit that i turn

when looking at the ones from simple centrifuge and others i see no marks or machining which would balance the bowl......

so i assume turning will be adequate
Hey Fastcote, Sorry I missed your post somehow. Thanks for that advice. I'm going to go with your idea. I'm not sure excactly how over here though. I do have an engineering buddy that could make the bowl I guess. I will have to go back through this thread to see what I need to get made. Unless I can buy from the states & get it posted, but that will probably be lots of$$$$$$$$$
buying from the states is not that hard to do

usps ships to england all the time
Ok, I have the aluminum, plenty of it, cut into slices.....

I am going to make a couple 8 inch bowls to start, and i am also going to make a larger 9 inch bowl for kicks and giggles, so the id of the larger bowl will be 8.5 inches, it being 1 inch larger should give more centrifugal force, it will be made just a bit more stout just in case........

These will be made with a cnc machine, i will leave the drain holes out of the larger unit at first to see how it holds up to the rpms.......
Sounds interesting. I emailed the place I posted the link above for today. They said it takes 4 weeks from order to get the centrifuge because they buy them to order from the states:doh: So I'm going to have a lookasee on us ebay & other sites now to see how much I could get one for & see what the shipping would be. Isn't your voltage different over there though?
I'm not sure if the motor would work here. We are 240 volts.
the motor is wired a bit different for european voltage, not an issue at all

If i were you i would snag a bowl, and motor, or even source the motor from europe, i bet baldor has a distributor in europe and would save you a lot, then you would only need a bowl, and heater from the states, the rest is simple
:rockwoot:Hey what do you think of this:
Raw Power, WVO Centrifuge, Complete | WVO Designs
They ship to the uk too....:woot:
I looked at that one, and kinda like it, but i am thinking i can build my own for 500 ish us dollars

the bowls are out already for machining, and as soon as i have them back i will make the unit bodies and the lid, then it is off to the races for me, I am making 4 units for use and testing, i am curious how much better the larger diameter bowl works
the aluminum is in the shop, setting up to have them machined right now.....

I am going to anodize them for surface protection, i am thinking blue.....
Sounds cool. I think I'm going to buy one of these Raw power fuges from wvo designs. It looks like there website is down, but as soon as its working I'm going to be checking the final price with a heater, then probably buy one.
i like the looks of that unit
there are motors that can be had for 150 dollars or so that should work with the bowl they sell, I would not machine one to fit a used motor
I got my first batch of motors, and my first batch of bowls back from anodizing, they look pretty good, I am going to do about 50 of these, I have the std size, and have made ones that are one inch larger in diameter for more force, and volume, I just gotta figure out how to post pics......

I hope this works, i just loaded a couple to photobucket, if it does not work out, sorry, just follow the links, I can send the out for a tad bit more than half price the other guys bowls

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the bowl slides over the shaft, the collar on the shaft sets the bowl height, and the top is fastened with a normal nut and washer, no 50 dollar trantorque nut

cheap, easy, simple
I have mine up and running now, cool, works excellent

I am working on a 12 incher now at 5000 rpm.....


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the motor is, or can be wired for 240, or 120.....

the motor costs 179.00, i have them

The bowls, the first batch are going for 315, or 350 for the large one

the whole unit should, i am trying to make and sell them for 799.....

I am working on a unit with a bigger motor and a 12 inch bowl for extended run times, and more volume of oil cleaned faster, it should have a 5000 rpm motor, the grav forces will be huge

you can call me or email me if you like, i can im my info
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