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I've got some time off work, and a few extra bucks.

Truck is 2006 f350 6.0 crewcab shortbox 4x4. My engine is at 2350hrs and 165k miles.

  • At 78k miles it was studded, new head gaskets, new oil cooler, updated stc fitting and dummy plugs, heads rebuilt, blue spring update, egr deleted, 4" exhaust, S&B intake installed.
  • 145k miles a new Ficm
-155k new degas bottle, new all Aluminum rad, flush and switched to ELC coolant, new top and bottom rad hoses, new billet water pump, new AGM batteries, 200 amp alt, upgraded charging and ground wires, new HFCM fuel pump, new EBP sensor, new glow plugs/controller/harness, new degas cap.
- 165k put a 2004 rebuild turbo in it with kc turbo billet wheel, new IPR valve, updated oil feed and drain lines.

** I am about to get a couple of gearhead tunes and get the ficm tuned with a atlas 40 tune.

I've also, replaced the entire front end suspension, front hubs, u joints, shocks.

Should I get the updated 6.4 pushrods or leave enough alone. They are fine and not making any noise. I plan on driving this for another 250k miles, and dont want to cheap out and regret it.

Can you replace pushrods and not lifters? Any insite would be great.

Mr. Crossthread
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Leave it for now. Do them with studs or an engine rebuild.

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