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Should I install a new OEM glow plug module when that wasn't the issue?

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Hey all. I've been reading this forum for years now but decided to get some input. I recently redid the glow plugs on my 06 6.0 F250. It was working fine for a few months then started throwing a p0674 and thought maybe something had happened to the new plug. So I tested that side with an ohmmeter and they were all reading just fine. I'd already ordered an OEM though by the time I got around to testing it. It turned out to be some sort of connection issue. After redoing the connections between the harness and plugs it no longer threw any codes. I'm debating whether to go ahead and put in the new module since I have it or keep it until my current one goes out.

214k miles if that matters. Thanks all!
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Completely up to you.....

If I were you, I'd put the new one in and keep the old one as a spare, if you can't/don't want to return it. Just my two cents.
I’m opposed to taking perfectly good parts out of the truck to replace with like parts.

For me it’s more of these trucks being 20 years old and the risk of something breaking, like an old brittle piece of plastic. If I could store the new part I’d keep it, if not return it.
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