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Short in a fuse socket?

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So, I drive an '03 Excursion and my A/C went out a while back because the low pressure hose for the rear A/C has a hole worn in it. I haven't fixed it yet because I don't want to spend the $500 for the replacement hoses (if any of you know where I can find a better deal on the hoses, please let me know). Because of this issue, I've been going windows down during the awful Mississippi summer heat. NOW... here's the kicker... my windows stopped working a couple of weeks ago!
None of the windows are working no matter which power button you try to use. This seemed like a fuse problem, so I changed the fuse.... The windows worked for about 10 seconds before they stopped working again. I pulled the fuse again, and then put it back in. Again, the windows worked for just a few seconds before they stopped working again. However, after a while, the pulling the fuse the replacing it trick stopped working. That leaves me with a fuse socket problem, right?

If so, how do I fix it?
If not, what might my problem be?
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sounds like it might be a burnt relay, check for power at each switch and again at the motor
Probably the GEM module it controls windows; seats; door locks; seat belts etc.
Located on the back side of the interior fuse box.
My blinkers started blinking fast the other day as well... didn't really think of a possibility of a connection between the problems until reading what you guys have said. I've never really worked on electrical issues... could those problems be related?

This may sound elementary, but how to I check each switch and at the motor?
Also, is there a way to test the GEM module?
First thing you need to do is get it scanned for codes to see what is going on.

To do any electrical testing you will need a good wireing diagram to see which wires do what at the switches and at the window motor.
No codes are showing on my SCT iTSX scanner. I guess I'll have to take it in somewhere to get a in-depth diagnostic.
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