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She's under the knife, My build thread. Lots' Pics.

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Well guys after months and months of waiting it has finally started. :eek:hnoes:

On Friday I started on my 6.0 shopping list of all the parts I was gonna need to stud/play. I have a whole heaping pile'o parts coming in the mail all week this week. Fed-ex and UPS are gonna hate me by the end of the week lol.

So instead of doing a write-up on how to do it I decided to just take some pics here and there just showing the progress of my build. I think the head studs and gasket swap has been thoroughly covered enough.

With my build I decided for now that I'm just going to stud it and finish up the rest of the updated parts. For the go fast goodies I decided to go with a Hybrid from Adrain and have Jesse build me a set of 175's. Eventually I will end up with a ficm tuner. (probably sooner than later, after installing my dashboss I found that my ficm is starting to go. Running at 47-47.5 but sometimes falling to 45v)

So here are the pics so far. This is only about 5 hours total at this point. Anyone who is considering doing this job. DO IT it's not that hard at all. It all comes apart pretty easily. Just stay organized take pics if you have to and TAKE YOUR TIME. The key to success in this is not to get in a big hurry and screw something up. And just for reference all this is being done with only two power tools and no air tools. All I have for power tools is 1 - 3/8" drive cordless impact gun and 1 - 1/2" drive cordless impact. Everything else is all hand tools ratchets sockets wrenches etc.

That wraps up day one. Hopefully tomorrow weather permitting I can get the passenger side inner wheel well out, pull the a/c evaporator, pull the fan, pull the turbo and get the oil filter stand pipe and housing out so I can pull the intake manifold. I'll keep you updated. Lol wish me luck.
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What are you doing up so late chatting on the forum, you can duct tape a flashlight to your head and keep on wrenching!! LOL!! Plus it's cooler at night, less breaks!!
Please don't tell me you were wearing flip flops while working on the "man truck"!! He He!! JK!
Bryan, almost done that cylinder head lifting bracket. I tried heating the flat stock to give it the 74* angle, but ended up ripping the metal. So I welded the two pieces at 74*. My welds aren't pretty, but it will hold the weight. Just gotta bore the hole for the chain, and weld on the 3/4" spacers.

Will post pics later when I'm done, then tomorrow stop down at Dale's work to test fit onto a head. If everything looks good, I can mail it out to you tomorrow.
No problem! Im still waiting on tooling for that other project! Buahahahahaha!!
Gonna test fit at Dale's work. PM or Text me your address, so I can ship it to ya.

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Hey lilpooh......

Did ya?

Sent from my phone that somebody didn't help me get.
LOL!! Sure did, JUGERNAUT let borrow the OTC model, so I could get the measurements. My welding skills kinda suck, but gets the job done! Without flip flops!! He He!
Lifting bracket is on its way, sent it U.S. Postal, you should have it in a couple of days.

If you zoom in on the pic, you can see how Dale had the chain come in from the one side, and used a ratchet extension thru the chain to lock it on.

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I'm going to keep it. LOL no I'll send it back to Rich when I'm done until I need to use it again.
You can have that one, so do what ever you want with it (sell it, lend it out, paper weight). Just promise me no more pics of you wearing "flipity flops"! LOL! He He!
Bryan, I also included 6mm bolts needed to mount the bracket to the head.
Damn that sucks!!
Can you shoot me some quick specs on the lifting device. I can make one here at work but am off at 2
The template is at work, and I don't start work till 4pm. I can post the specs at around 5pm, depending how busy we are tonight.
Pull some quick measurments on the lifting tool. Overalls and bend location.
The angle is 74*, .250 thick flat stock, dotted line is the lower piece, the spacers are .750 OD X .750 L X 7mm hole.

In the pic below, the bottom 7mm holes is a reference point, use the intake gaskets to mark the two top holes.

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Save some of that beer for Monday, it's gonna be a hot one!!
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Lilpooh, thanks for your time with the bracket. I will make one. They wanted $112
No problem!! Gotta send props to JUGERNAUT, he let me borrow the OTC bracket. Thanks Dale!
I wouldn't trust them injectors!!! Just to be safe, I'm willing to sacrifice my motor to test them in my truck. I'm only looking out for your well being! Buahahahahaha!
Bryan, did you get the email from DashBoss? New beta version came out and has somethings we need to test out. Like FSS, FICM logic, FICM main, inject btdc, crank/cam/FICM sync, and speedo correct mph for larger tires.

So put down that beer, put the kids to bed, pat the old lady on the tush, and get that truck running!! LOL!
You don't get a pulley with a new PS pump, you will have to use your old one. A new pulley cost around $30. I just changed mine last week, I forgot the pulley puller at work and had to go see Dale. He had a puller/installer, thank god because I didn't have the installer and would of been a pita without it. It's a real tight press fit, and you don't want to use a press, must use a installer or will damage the pump.

I pulled mine out from the bottom, only because my fan stator went MIA years ago and had plenty of room to drop the pump down. If you do decide to replace, there is a white nylon seal ring that goes over the threaded fitting. It's slightly smaller than the threads and hard to stretch over, just boil some water and let the white seal ring heat up so you can stretch it over the threaded fitting.

If you decide to keep your fan stator on, you can access the pump from the top, need to remove cold side CAC pipe, air filter, battery/tray. It's only four 10mm bolts, 18mm fitting and hose clamp to remove the pump. The bottom/front bolt is a pita because the fitting is in the way to use a ratchet and need to use a wrench.
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Hehehe.....still wearing those flippy floppies........hahaha.

Sent from my phone that somebody didn't help me get.
DANG!! you beat me to it!! LOL!!
Bryan, how much clearance was on that bracket. Between the bend in the bracket and rocker box. Looks like it was close.
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