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She's under the knife, My build thread. Lots' Pics.

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Well guys after months and months of waiting it has finally started. :eek:hnoes:

On Friday I started on my 6.0 shopping list of all the parts I was gonna need to stud/play. I have a whole heaping pile'o parts coming in the mail all week this week. Fed-ex and UPS are gonna hate me by the end of the week lol.

So instead of doing a write-up on how to do it I decided to just take some pics here and there just showing the progress of my build. I think the head studs and gasket swap has been thoroughly covered enough.

With my build I decided for now that I'm just going to stud it and finish up the rest of the updated parts. For the go fast goodies I decided to go with a Hybrid from Adrain and have Jesse build me a set of 175's. Eventually I will end up with a ficm tuner. (probably sooner than later, after installing my dashboss I found that my ficm is starting to go. Running at 47-47.5 but sometimes falling to 45v)

So here are the pics so far. This is only about 5 hours total at this point. Anyone who is considering doing this job. DO IT it's not that hard at all. It all comes apart pretty easily. Just stay organized take pics if you have to and TAKE YOUR TIME. The key to success in this is not to get in a big hurry and screw something up. And just for reference all this is being done with only two power tools and no air tools. All I have for power tools is 1 - 3/8" drive cordless impact gun and 1 - 1/2" drive cordless impact. Everything else is all hand tools ratchets sockets wrenches etc.

That wraps up day one. Hopefully tomorrow weather permitting I can get the passenger side inner wheel well out, pull the a/c evaporator, pull the fan, pull the turbo and get the oil filter stand pipe and housing out so I can pull the intake manifold. I'll keep you updated. Lol wish me luck.
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Lol yeah almost all of that trans fluid was from the power steering and trans coolers from disconnecting the lines before removal. No big deal I have a pressure washer I will use to wash the driveway when I get her all back together.

No doubt on the parts coming this week lol. I have my heads at the machine shop right now and hopefully will be done by Wednesday so I can start reassembly by the middle to end of the week. ( I have an extra set of heads. I did that to minimize down time plus I just wasn't to sure of the condition of the heads in the truck so for $200 it was cheap insurance.)
That's one heck of a start. :thumb: You are going to be so happy when this is done.
Lol I'm actually enjoying getting dirty and doing the work myself, so I'll be more upset when it's done lol. My wife on the other hand would agree completely with you. :hehe: she is sick of hearing about the truck and what I am doing to it lol. She just wants it done and over with lol.
One thing I have to say is that it is SOOOOO much easier working on this with all the front taken off. It just sucks for me because my truck has a 6" lift and 35" tires with 20" rims so it's still somewhat of a PITA to do some of the things but definitely worth it.
After today I hopeyour planning on washing my car tomorrow:soapbox:
I'll get to that later honey. I have more important things to deal with right now. :eek:hnoes: :hehe:
Ok yes dear after I'm done with my more important things that need dealt with first. :rofl:
Lol get out of my thread turd. You get to see this in person they don't.
Well guys I'm about 8-9 hours in it total. Not too bad at all. I have been taking my time and plenty of breaks because yesterday and today it was 85 out with around 70-80% humidity and it's got me sweatin like a wh*re in church lol.

I got a lot done in 2 days. I am almost ready to pull the heads. All I have to do is pull the valve covers and remove the rest of the hpo system. But before that I have to get the evaporator core and inner fender well out. Then I can start pullin heads. I ran into a bit of a snag though as I can't get my passenger side inner fender well out because Tuscany Trucks used a #2 square bit to hold the fender flares to the fender well.

So now I have to go get a #2 square bit which is $20 just to pull the darn fender well. Then once I get that out I can pull the evaporator core and pull the valve covers off and be good to go.

All in all it's definitely not to hard for anyone to do. Just get a decent set of tools and take your time and you will be good to go. So far I haven't ran into any problems other than 2 bolts that held me up.

One was the rear turbo bolt. Man what a serious PITA. And the other was the rear passenger side intake manifold bolt. It hits on my 4" down pipe so I had to climb under the truck which was actually nice because it was probably 15* cooler with a nice breeze under there lol I almost fell asleep it was so nice. Anyway I had to loosen the down pipe up so that I could move it just enough to get the manifold to slip past it. No big deal.

I will add pics to this post tonight showing the progress so far.

Edit: Here are the pics from today's progress.

My Secret Weapon

Buttoned up for the night.

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New pics up.
Easier to work on it with the bumper and everything out of the front of it. Also it's not that much more work to get it all out of your way and work from the front of the truck in towards the engine.

Yeah I'm not going to ever get a BPD oil cooler kit as it's not to difficult to change out an oil cooler and for the price they charge for a kit I can change mine myself 12 times before the cost of the BPD kit would have paid for itself. Even if I had to replace it every 50,000 miles I could still get another 300,000 miles out of my truck before the BPD kit would justify spending that much money on. To me at least. For others just knowing that they will never have to deal with it again is enough to justify the cost.

BPD makes a GREAT kit and I'm not talking down on their product at all it's just not a solution for me that's all.
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Yeah I have another secret weapon that should be here tomorrow for that rear head bolt removal and stud install. LOL I'll get pics of it up when I get it as well as a part number and where to get it in the U.S.

Yeah I know all too well what your talking about with the up-pipes lol.
looks like a lot of work........... keep it up, were rooting for you..
LOL it's really not too bad at all. Not even a lot of work. If I were doing this in an air conditioned shop like most techs do or even had a way of keeping the sun off of me the entire time I could have had all this work done in a lot less time. I am just taking my time though just putting along. I don't want to get in a hurry and mess something up and cost myself a butt load of money cause I got in a hurry and it's too darn hot out there and I have been taking a lot of breaks.

Lol my dad told me when I was growing up and I used to goto work with him take a half hour break every ten minutes. :hehe:
I'm not swapping the oil cooler this time. I have a 3-5* spread right now so I don't need one.
What are you doing up so late chatting on the forum, you can duct tape a flashlight to your head and keep on wrenching!! LOL!! Plus it's cooler at night, less breaks!!
Hahahaha now that's funny man. I had to go pick up my cherry picker earlier so I had to stop and get cleaned up to go get it. By the time I got back advanced was already closed and I'm at a stand still until I get that #2 square drive bit to pull the inner fender well out so I can pull the evaporator housing. Once I get those out I'll have the heads off in no time.
The only thing I need that square bit for is the 5 screws that Tuscany trucks decided use to secure the fender flares to the inner fender well.
I'm pulling the inner fender well to pull the evaporator core.
It's an 05. And even just being in a shop where the sun isn't beating down on you all day makes a huge difference.
I'll be going to get it in the morning.
Yeah but I'd have $15 at least in gas to go all the way to lowes to get that. And it's not the same type of square bit your thinking about. I'll post pics tomorrow of it when I get it.
Yeah and it's a t45 picked up a whole pack at autozone for $14.99. They had a 4 pack that was like $16 and change of the duralasts but seeing as how I needed a t25-t27 I bought the great neck set that had all of them from t10-t55 I think it was, for $14.99.

EDIT: It was a T40 for the injector hold downs. I originally stated T45 because that is what I had been told. I am not exactly sure if that changed in the commonization of these engines in January of 2006.
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