Getting ready to swap out a new set of treads for the F350 in prep for an upcoming long trip this summer. The tires i'm removing currently have 39k on them, but still have at least 10k left (I guess I should say, depending on your driving style :D). I have pics if you want, but an upside down quarter doesn't reveal the top of Washington's head yet. These are beefy 10plys that will get you out of mud, rock, snow, sand, etc. with ease. They do like to hold smaller rocks, so beware of that , but I like them so much, the new set is the exact same tires.

Was wondering if anyone around my area (Portland, but I go to Central Oregon throughout the year as well) needed some good tires at a cheap price to get them through for the next year or so. I put them on new in 2017, so they're only 5 years old. Planning on swapping them out for the new ones around end of June, so that should only add ~600-700 miles.

Let me know if you're interested.