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As promised here is the registration info for my next PSD classes:

Seattle, WA (Olympia) class:

Vancouver, Canada class:

The registration fee also includes color manuals and food. I recommend early sign up because there is definitely going to be a limit to class size.

The classes cover:

Powerstroke System Overview:

Injector operation

Fuel system operation

Turbocharging operation

PCM input and output function

Electronic Engine Controls Operation:

Diagnostic Strategy

Fault code determination and diagnosis

Hard Start, No Start and Performance Diagnostics:

Fuel system testing

Electronic engine control testing

Oil supply system testing

Crankcase pressure testing

Cold start system testing

Technician Tips:

Repair procedures

Pattern failures

Recommended tools

Pinpoint test shortcuts

Service Information:

Maintenance recommendations

TSB information
Mike Cleary
Ford Certified Senior Master Technician and Powerstroke Engine Specialist
Automotive Technical Support Services
Specializing in Ford Vehicle Systems Training
P.O. Box 27522
Fresno, CA 93729
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