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seal part # and is this HPOP updated or STC? its from a 2005.

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Looks non stc to me but i have never seen it in person want to make sure with the wizard council

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also does anyone have a motorcraft # for this seal that is at the bottom of the square part of the branch tube? anyone know if it comes with motorcraft hpop seal kit?

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Holy fuzz batman

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Left is the updated part. Looks like you have the update. Are you talking about the oring on the branch tube block? If so, I'm coming up with W301970
lol they were sitting on a shelf outside all summer they had protection from rain but not from all the pollen we get here
Going off of your info, W301970 I have one source that says it is a is #16 o-ring, but Ford Parts Giant says it is #17.

thank you as always b!
is there a way i can look at the parts diagrams the parts guy at ford does on his computer? I have been trying to find out how/where to get that for 6.0
1 - 3 of 5 Posts
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