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Custom tuning with an SCT is very easy. You get your SCT device, get the strategy number off the truck, contact one of the many GREAT tuners for a 6.0, (I personally recommend Matt @ Gearhead Perfomance, he tuned my 6.0 and I now run his tuning on my 6.4 LOVE his tunes) they email you a file, you load the file onto the SCT then load it from the SCT onto the truck. Super easy, and super fun! You will have a whole new truck! Just make sure to get some type of gauge setup. Analog or digital the most important things to watch are Exhaust Gas Temp (EGTs), trans temp (if you hav an auto) and bost pressures. Some guys run three gauges on the A pillar but a lot of us (myself included) run a digital monitor like the Edge Insight CTS/CS, SCT Livewire, or something similar. These offer many paramaters to be monitored from one device. In my opinion, these are the best bang for the buck.

The digtal gauges are a little more expensive than analog gauges but can monitor 10+ parameters from a single device.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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