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i have a 05 f250 6.0, lifted 6", 33s turbo back, and new factory injectors. stock tranny not studded and stock HGs. i just got my livewire ts in the mail today and tried out the pre loaded performance tune, man does that tune make the truck roar. couple questions.... I'm blowing black on the performance tune, good or bad? whats the first upgrade i should do when messing with these performance tunes, i heard tranny but what are some of you guys' thoughts? i do plan on doing HGs and studs but not right away. IMO i would assume getting a aftermarket tranny first would be the right way to go... give me some suggestions. thanks!

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for a daily I would stick to stock parts for easy road side fixes.

Get a solid custom tune with good shift points.

Know your monitor and the PIDs to look at, add EGTs.

Then do the usual 6.0 updates.
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