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Schrader Valve Size A/C 6.4L Powerstroke Slow leaks after Manifold Connection

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Have myself a self-inflicted problem. Connected a manifold set to my 2009 F250 6.4L A/C system and the schrader valves for both the high and low side will not seat all the way. I have tried the tricks of pushing down and letting it lose in hopes it would seat automatically. Both still have a slow leak. I put the caps back on but need to get those valves replaced ASAP. I need to get the tool that allows me to change the valves without losing the freon. What size are the low and high side schrader valves? 8mm and 10mm? TIA.
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Thought I would follow up in case someone else has this issue in the future. The valve cores are 8mm and 10mm. They are referred to as Eaton Schrader valves. So if you ever want to change out valve cores without losing freon the correct tool to get is an Eaton valve core removal tool. Mastercool sales one. They are expensive, but they may save you money on a complete recovery, vacuum and refill job.
sometimes the valve just needs snugging up a little, they can back off with the temperature changes
a common tire valve tool may work, or one of the extended tools
there are a couple of different schrader valve core sizes that are common
I have the mastercool set, that is the only way to change out the valve core without losing the charge
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