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Schrader Valve Size A/C 6.4L Powerstroke Slow leaks after Manifold Connection

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Have myself a self-inflicted problem. Connected a manifold set to my 2009 F250 6.4L A/C system and the schrader valves for both the high and low side will not seat all the way. I have tried the tricks of pushing down and letting it lose in hopes it would seat automatically. Both still have a slow leak. I put the caps back on but need to get those valves replaced ASAP. I need to get the tool that allows me to change the valves without losing the freon. What size are the low and high side schrader valves? 8mm and 10mm? TIA.
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I have had this issue on a few vehicles and my resolution was to buy the extension from ebay .. they have a shrader also and depress the OEM shrader when depressed so it can be left in place and no freon loss ,, they sell them for both high and low sides
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