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The lack of any manual transmissions kinda sucks! Hopefully after some years they'll bring it back or some aftermarket company comes up with an adapter. Engine-wise, I'm looking forward to seeing it in customers' hands! Certainly looks promising.
I dunno about that. the 5 speeds are a huge step above the old 4r100 and if these new 6 speeds are as good or better than the 5 I really don't see a need for a manual.

I would gladly swap to a 5r100 if it would bolt up to my 7.3. The only reason I got a manual is because I have the 7.3. 6.0 or 6.4 I'd have 0 problems owning an auto.

I still wonder if they are keeping the powerstroke name? Some places in there they say powerstroke and some they say scorpion:dunno:
Think near the end of the article it mentioned Ford kept the rights to the "Powerstroke" name.:thumb:
:ditto: it says in the article that ford owns the rights to the "powerstroke" name and that this new motor will continue to carry it.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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