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Alright, Build thread time. Just got the truck About a month ago. Its a One Owner 2003 6.0 Super Cab Long Bed with 72,000 Miles. As between me and my friends, we all name out vehicles, this ones name is Saber.

Not too many pictures yet, so more to come.

The day I bought her, Came out of PA, ignore my idiot of a brother.

First day home

Clean engine Compartment is clean

Towing our Trailer around while dads 6.0 is in the shop

Down at the NASCAR Races, Ford only Parking!

New Exhaust, Diamond Eye 4 inch TurboBack, dual exit after rear wheels (Video Only)
Now since that video, the truck was too loud for my new neighborhood, dont need to piss of my neighbors before i even know them all, so it got a Resonator, still sounds awesome!

Sitting Pretty at work

Thats all I have for now, More to come later!

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Well decided to put most of my strobes in this weekend! Took them all out of the old truck before i sold it

Finally got to change out this broken little fu--..

One down

Rear Heads are in as well

Ive done this too many times to confidently drill into my tail lights without second thoughts

What i dont have pictures of for some reason are my LED grille lights, which i thought i got a few of.

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On to the next day!

Ford was nice enough to only leave a plastic cover where the clutch master should go, how sweet. (Made my work ten times easier)

What? I didn't take out notin'

Mock up of stobe packs location

Easy access to running wires, still early stages.

My new switch panel, didnt want to custom make something again, wanted it to be cleaner than my old truck

Why is my headliner falling off? Who knows whats going up there?

Shaq can now drive my truck comfortably

Stopped taking pictures at that point because i just wanted to finish really, need to take some pictures of the final setup one day when the sun is still up.

But I do have a final of the switch panel powered on

Thats it for this weekend!
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