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I want to re-charge my CAI for the first time on my '08 6.4 powerstroke. No local shops had the S&B precision II kit so, I ordered one online. Tore into the package, washed the filter, then went online to find out how many grams of oil to use for my application and thats when I first noticed that S&B has two colors of oil. My filter calls for Red oil and , of course, I recieved the Blue oil.
Question: is there a difference? I can't find any info on S&B's FAQ site and I don't wish to double down on my screw up. My filter number is 75-5054.
Anybody have any experience with this situation?

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I have the same filter and ordered the blue oil. No difference but the first cleaning and re-oiling leaves the filter some what purple (red and blue mixed).

Waiting for the next re-charge so it may be a little more blue.

How many miles on the filter before you re-charged?

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