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Runs out of fuel at 1/2 full

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2004 F250

I wish the reason that my truck runs out of fuel when it is half empty was because it was filled with cash from some previous history as a drug-running vehicle. It seems more likely though that a pickup tube has slipped loose and I no longer reach the bottom of the tank. This is the way the truck has operated since I purchased it last April.

Can anyone tell me anything about what to expect in terms of a repair? Will it have corroded, fatigued and broken or just slipped off/out? Will the pickup tube be lying in the bottom of the tank and will it be a simple matter of reinserting it? How would I keep it from coming loose again? What do you think I'll need to replace?

If possible please provide as complete an answer as you can so I can buy the parts and fix the thing.
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Read this.....

Sent from my phone that somebody didn't help me get.
Thanks for the reply. I'll have to look through that thread. At first glance though it doesn't seem to apply to me. My truck runs perfectly. It's just that it only has a 17 gallon capacity at present. I'm thinking that some sort of pickup tube has broken or fallen off and fuel can't be pulled from below a certain level. I suppose I'll just drop the tank this weekend and have a look.
Don't mind the title, read the thread.

Sent from my phone that somebody didn't help me get.
the tube is one piece other than an adjustable foot on the end and that would be about the last three inches and also a bypass fitting but neither is near the 1/2 tank mark

there are two ways to access the tank and seeing as your going to be 1/2 full dropping the tank won't be fun ,, pulling the bed is another choice ,, but sometimes the bed bolts can be a biotch

you may need a whole new sender if they hacked it up to bad ? you won't know til you get in there // heck a steel tube may have been bent and cracked?

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ps don't run a 6.0 out of fuel you risk injector damage , the injectors depend on the fuel to cushion the impact of the injection cycle .
Run a fuel sump from the bottom of the tank, had an issue exactly like this with one of my customers but he was driving up and down hills all day to and from work and at 1/2 tank it would run out of of fuel so we had a fuel sump installed and he has had zero issues since and can take full advantage of all the fuel in his truck. And using our ADP fuel sump, you will not have to drop the fuel tank to install the sump.
Are you sure a sump is going to fix my problem? I'm in Florida and rarely drive up even the gentlest grade; it is all flat.
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