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Run/Cranks Fine, Then just Dies..

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I have a bone stock 2005 King Ranch 6.0 Crew Cab Dually 4WD that cranks and runs good, then after some time (30+/-) it just dies or if I shut it off it wont crank back. After it sits several minutes it fires back up. No check engine or codes. I replaced the cam sensor, run it with the ICP unplugged (it still died). I checked the FICM voltage... a sad 44.3 volts, but as mentioned, it cranks/runs fine, it just dies. My diesel knowledge is about a 6 out of 10, so I look to ya'll for help.
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My truck is doing the same thing. It sat for a couple years bone stock 208k miles and it will run great until it warms up and shuts down and wont even crank until it "cools off" no codes no indication that its going to shut down just dead.
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