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So...on my wheeling trip a couple weekends ago I was pulling my Jeep on a trailer...running about 70 mph and the tach was reading just a sliver under 2k

Today...I'm driving into Madison is set at 60mph...tach reads a hair under 2k...actually bouncing around a little bit between 1900 and 2100...start going up a mildly moderate hill...rpms climb to 2100 and then the tranny upshifts and now the tach is showing under 1700rpm...speed holds at 60 mph up the hill in the higher gear and lower rpms...get to the top of the hill and the tranny downshifts and tach now reads a hair under 2000 again...again...all the while the cruise control is on and holding speed steady at 60 mph...

Running the Superchips economy program...


Might this be an indication of problems somewhere? Or just the Superchips program and I should run 62, 63 mph to get the tranny in a higher gear for cruising?

Just a backround...2004, 6.0, 4x4, 92k miles, crew cab, short box, 3.73 gearing I to me truck and have had concerns about fuel mileage since I got it indicating something might not be quite right...

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