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Okay, I suck at anything electrical but I thought I'd try to wire D2's in myself.

Fabricating brackets to install the lights were no problem. I ended up cutting out the relay from the wiring harness from Rigid. The wiring is as follows.

From the lights come a pair of red and black wires. The red wire from this pair, i connected to upfitter 1. There was another pair of red and black wires. These wires I connected to the positive (red wire) and negative (black wire) terminals of my battery. I soldered the loose ends of the two black wires together and connected to the frame of the truck. The red wire connected to the battery has a 15 amp fuse and I currently have the other end loose - with a cap.

My problem is, THE LIGHTS WORK!!!! I have no idea why or how. Can any one tell me what I did wrong? I know my fuse is useless and don't want to short the electrical system, but where is the power coming from?

Any help would be appreciated.
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