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Rhino liner

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I'm considering rhino lining the bottom 6 or so inches of my truck and 3 inches on the fenders. I was curious if anyone else has done this and how it turned out. Pics would be appreciated and if anyone knows approx how much it would cost??

The only reason I am considering this is bc the first owner never put mud flaps on the truck so the fenders are all dinged up. I guess it would match the white and black theme i was going to do... Thanks!

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A whole truck costs about 2500. Id bat in the dollar range of 500-700. Ill ask my buddy he runs a rhino store
I appreciate it man. If you wouldn't mind ask him about rhino lining the underbody as well. Please and thank you.

How do you think it would look?

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A friend of mine has a GMC with the frame Rhino Lined, I have not got under it to look, but from the fender opening it looks good.
Ya i want my quarter panels done. so ur doin ur frame too
I'm just considering the frame. But it seems like its cost a butt load and I didn't know if they'd have to take the bed off or what was all involved. I don't want to do it myself bc I tried on my buddies ranger and it looks like crap. Rather have a professional.

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I was quoted $400 per side to do line-x on rockers.
Talked to my buddy he said prep it urn self and it will be about 650 for both sides. and price can be depending on location price will be a little different. he said under body they can just take the exhaust off and get the frame or they do a in depth one which they do remove the front clip body and bed which is like 3000
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