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Hey guys been a while since I've posted on here in VS section but I've been TDY for a little while saving my money up and one of my spring projects is the interior. It's been dirty noisy and outdated since I bought the truck so I figured it was time for some changes.

So I ordered some sound dampening first from a company in Canada called B-Quiet they make a very comparable sound dampener to dyna mat but they make it in a few different grades/forms. I bought 62 sq ft and came up a little short so I bought another 50 sq ft just because I want it tomb like in the cab.

So after ordering the sound dampener I took all the interior pannels out I cleaned them all to like new condition with rags, simple green and a plastic scrub brush.

I got the headliner and sun visors redone at the local apholstery shop.

I'm still waiting on that last 50 sq ft of sound dAmpener to come in after I install that though I'll be ready to go on an audio shopping spree.

I went to the local audio shop called premier autosound they quoted me $1800 for a new alpine head unit, 4 alpine type R door speakers, an alpine 3 channel amp, and JL dual 8" subs with a very nice ported box. That's the price for all that plus installed.

Not sure if I'm going to get it done by them but I haven't got a clue when it comes to sound systems or wiring. Can any of you guys help me with this or maybe refer me to a different shop I noticed their prices were marked up like $75-$100 on each of the speakers. Not sure if that just covers their labor cost to install or what.

So I'll take any help or advice I can get with this sorry for the long read.

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Here's an updated list of what ive done guys....

1. Stripped entire interior excluding dash
2. Cleaned everything put touch up paint where ever there was a little surface rust.
3. Ripped out all accessories. CB, radio, speakers, gauge pod and gauges.
4. Got the headliner and sunvisors reupholstered.
5. Installed 130sq ft of sound deadener. (Two layers everywhere but under the headliner and the back wall.) including outer door skins and inner door structure.
6. Installed new rubber door seals
7. Installed new Orings in cablights to stop a mysterious leak
8. Installed new set of two point tow mirrors
9. Installed new set of four MAXTOW gauges
10. Removed seat belts and washed them the best I could
11. Installed new Distribution box under dash to easily wire up to 6 accessories back in neatly. With individual fuses for each.


1.Diagnose brake noise.
2.Install AC parts condenser, dryer, compressor etc.
3.Install new PPE Rear diff cover.
4. Get transmission rebuilt or replace what ever is wrong in that area.
5. Find new rear yoke and drive shaft. (Dinged up still from last u-joint blowing out.)
6. Look into new up pipes and possibly go with new HPOP bigger injectors and upgrade the turbo.
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