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Restore and Restore Plus FOR SALE

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I've got 6 gallons of Fleetguard Restore and 1 gallon of Restore Plus cooling system cleaners for sale.
Each gallon is $20/shipped. Paypal preferred.

I also have a few gallons of Caterpillar ELC coolant for sale at $10/gallon. Send me a PM or email at [email protected]

updated 1/16/13

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Thanks for the sale ^
I'm down to 8 gallons of Restore and 3 gallons of Restore Plus for sale.
Sorry guys I've been travelling recently. PM's sent shortly.
Quantity on hand updated in first post
Added coolant to the first post.
One gallon of each the Restore and Restore Plus is normally enough.
PM me if you want to purchase anything. Thanks
1 - 11 of 15 Posts
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