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I have a 2004 F250 6.0 L diesel and I recently had a major failure of the injection system and had to replace injectors 1 and 5 (so I replaced all the injectors on that bank), FICM, EGR valve, oil cooler, and intake cleaned (they replaced it because they damaged it when they cleaned it). I think that's it but it sure seems like more...

So I was talking with some guys recently who had Ford 6.0 L diesels and of course experienced all sorts of problems, but when I told them I only replaced half the injectors because none of the injectors on the even bank were bad they advised me otherwise. They said another guy we know who had a 6.0 L diesel only replaced half the injectors like I did and ended up ruining his engine because he was running with 4 new, clean injectors and 4 old, dirty injectors and somehow that caused problems in the engine.

Should I go ahead and replace the even bank of injectors? I know I am going to have to replace them eventually, but I don't want to wait until one of them actually goes bad if there's a potential to ruin my engine in the meantime.

Thanks for your help!

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it's a rare event that you would actually have to replace all eight at once. It is a big pill to swallow considering they retail around 2 grand.

I always give the customer the option, most of the times the guy with the personal truck replaces 2 or 3 and the fleet customer gets all 8. That's just the way it is.

The potential for an injector to ruin the engine is small
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