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Im pulling the 6" Super Lift off of my 03 F250 6.0...
Im selling it along with the 37" tires and rims to a friend. I bought replacement shocks for when i lower it back down, i bought a stock size pitman arm, now im stuck. I dont know what else to buy.

Im almost positive the back is just stock leafs with a 5" block, but i dont know how the front is going to work. Will i need to buy a new leaf pack for the front? Will it sit level? Anyone know if there is anything else i am going to need to buy to convert it back?

Last but not least, there is a bar that goes across under the bumper that is about an inch underneath the bumper its self. Im not sure what it is, if it'll just slide back up into the bumper when i lower it or if i need to remove it. (Obviously im no pro at this lol maybe its a bumper drop or something? no idea!)

Please Help!
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