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Hi all,

I am sure lots of us would like to be live tuned, but either live in smaller communities where getting a decent number of candidates together is impractical to make it financially viable to get a tuner to fly out. Or the tuner of your choice has no plans to visit you region (or just visited, and therefore doesn't plan to return for a while).

So, what about iterative remote custom tuning? What do I mean by that? Well, the tuner sends you the programming file (or a chip, programmed with the desired programming) matching your setup as closely as possible. Then you take a bunch of logs, and email them to your tuner. Then, based on the data in the logs, your tuner sends you a more optimized file, specific to your exact setup. This continues as many times as is necessary, until you are happy with your tunes, or until there are no more gains to be had (i.e. the tunes are optimized to your specific setup).

Obviously, this style of tuning is most convenient for those with a programmable setup e.g. DP Tuner F6, or a TS 6-position chip with a burner. Or possibly someone who owns 2 TS 6-position chips, and is willing to send both in initially so chips can be cross-shipped with the latest tune. Or maybe tuners would be willing to offer trade-ins on chips with a core charge deposit? Or maybe users just run a basic stock TS chip until custom programing is optimized on a 2nd one, and then just keep the basic stock TS chip as a backup, or resell it when done. Or, just be patient, lol, and live with stock tuning during the couple of periods initially when the custom chip is being optimized.

Anyway, my real question is what live tuning data would a tuner need to have to be able to adjust tuning to be optimized for a specific setup? Things like boost, HPOP pressure, fuel pressure, injector duty cycle etc. come to mind. I know Auto Enginuity allows access to some of this data, but not all e.g. if I am not mistaken, boost pressure (at least not accurate BP) is not available within Auto Enginuity. How does one generate the most comprehensive live tuning data that includes all the desired parameters aligned within a single file that would allow a tuner to custom tune a specific truck with its specific setup, mods etc. remotely? How do tuners do it when they do live tuning, and what equipment do they use?
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