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I'm in the process of getting slide-in TC that will have an extended overhang that will block the antenna for the Satellite radio and Nav system. I want to relocate the antenna puck out onto the hood (haven't fully decided to bite the bullet and mount on the hood itself, or make a little bracket to extend it out in front so I don't drill holes).

In any case it's pretty simple, just need the antenna. On another forum somebody listed the part numbers for the various pieces needed. The antenna listed is actually for a 2014. You can pick that one up for ~$30. When I search for the actual antenna for my 2012, it comes back with a different part # and is about $55.

2014 GPS/Sat antenna - DC3Z10E893A $30.08
2012 GPS/Sat antenna - 9C3Z10E893C $55.48

anyone know the difference?
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