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Recommendations For F350

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Hello all,

I recently received my Father's 2006 F350 4x4 four door longbed after his passing. He gifted me this truck in his will and I am looking for recommendations as to bullet proofing it (to a degree). The truck is bone stock and is the creampuff guys dream of finding. Bought new by my Dad in 2006 and has had the oil/filter changed religiously every 3000 miles since day one. He has all the receipts for the coolant flushes and PH tests (also done religiously) as well as various transmission, brake line, power steering flushes and refills. The truck has just turned 90k miles and 1996 hours on the engine.

I would like to know what I should be thinking of doing to keep this truck in the immaculate shape it is already in. I am aware of the EGR/Oil cooler coolant PH issues and am on the fence concerning an EGR delete/tuner or an upgraded cooler. Also considering changing out the what seems like tiny exhaust for a larger pipe from the turbo back. I rather doubt I will do a head stud replacement anytime soon as I have no means of lifting the cab to do so, and I am not sure I would want to pay the expense of having it done by a shop.

I was very impressed at the results of my friend who did a an EGR/Cat delete, exhaust upgrade and tuner on his 07 Ram 2500 Cummins. The power and acceleration is rediculous. That being said, I am not looking to increase boost and run the snot out of this truck. My Dad warned about not doing so, as the over torqued head studs from the factory and high boost sounds like a recipe for disaster. Just maybe let it breath a little better, increase the power a bit, most hopefully, get a few more MPG's out of it, and eliminate the EGR/Oil cooler failure.

So anyway, I would like to get the advice of the hive as to what the consensus says I should do to this truck considering my goals. And yes the boat and cabover Lance camper (barely visible under the pole barn) came with it. It is truly a blessing by Dad to me.

Thanks in advance.
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Fuel pump and filter one assemble unit mounted under the truck near frame . And there is a modes fuelpump filter kit can do the same. Also check the ICP Sensor located in the driver side of head on the engine . Those tend to go bad after awhile. Check your fuel bowl on the engine remove the fuel bowl cap off with a I believe it's a 22mm socket or a 24mm . Turn ignition key in run position look to see if fuel is over flowing the fuel bowl . If so then fuel pump and filter is ok, as that is the high oil test . Next is the low oil pressure check . Check your engine oil if up to level . if not then perhaps have a engine oil leak somewheres . Or a relay switch not working properly.
Check next would be FICM. Hope this info helps.
You need to slow down on the 6.0L advice ................. !!

You have the ICP sensor location wrong, and what in the world are you calling the "high oil test" in the same sentence as a fuel pump test?

Thank you for looking up the correct location of the fuel pump and primary fuel filter at least!
He's just trying to catch up to your post count, even quoting himself.
Well it would appear that Dad did a fine job of keeping his cooling system happy....even with the Ford Gold coolant. It is going to get flushed and replaced with ELC, more than likely the stuff International Harvester uses if I can find it, and a bypass coolant filter. I was surprised at how "not flat" it is around here, lots of rolling hills but once on flat ground at a steady state 65MPH the delta between EOT and ECT stayed pretty consistent with a 6 degree difference.

I also found that the Scangauge II BST gauge is wonky as all get out. It matches well to the xgauge...untill you stick your foot in it, then the BST gauge goes into negative numbers territory. FICM which is not shown stuck right at 48 to 48.5 volts.

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