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Rear Speaker size

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Anyone know what size the speakers are on the rear corners of the cab on a 4 dr CC? Same as front door ?

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6x8 same as front

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Yep, 5x7/6x8.

I am thinkin about leaving them stock it looks like a PITA to get too... If I do replace, I may run an adapter to install a 6.5" round 1 way for mids only. Keep my sound stage up front...

Anyone done this?
ive been thinking about it too. I already bought matching rear sperates, but im not sure its necessary at all. I have a serious lack of motivation to even try to install them.

x3 they are 6x8 /5x7
It's not too bad to get to them! Door seal and the pop the plastic inner liner off.

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I replaced my speakers a couple of years ago with some Pioneer speakers. Same size as fronts. A bit tight to get to but "doable". Note that the wire connectors did not match and had to change them.

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i bought a set of seperates for the back, anyone thats been back there know if there is enough space behind the panel to stash a crossover and a tweeter? Or should i sell em and get some regular co-axials to fill in the rear (thats what i've always done in the past, but this time i already own the seperates)

I plan on "investigating" this weekend if no-one knows
Not sure about separates but with the Pioneer speakers the sound improved considerably. After, I changed out the head unit with a Kenwood and installed rear camera so I could hook up the trailer in one shot. The sound quality improved immensely after the new head unit. I could have spent more and got even better sound, but for what I paid, I now have a decent setup.

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Yep, 5x7/6x8. Not hard to get to. You'll need a star bit to get the seat belt anchor off. It really won't take more than 5-10 minutes per side if you hump it. Anything better than stock will be a noticeable improvement. Don't dump too much into the rear speakers, though. Front is much more important.
i already have seperates in the front, and own a set for the back. I was just thinking of getting some non-seperate coaxials for the rear so it would be better than stock, but still fit. I just didn't know if there was physical space for the crossover (~2.5"x4"x1") in the rear pillar or behind the trim panel, cause if there isn't then installing seperates isn't an option and ill sell them and get something that will actually fit.

maybe some of those panel seperates from kenwood. Its a 5" speaker and a tweeter in the shape of a 6x8 so it will bolt in. without taking up more space.
Coaxials will be fine back there, and much easier than messing with separates. I'd still get a decent set that has passive crossovers. And yes, there is probably room for crossovers back there, but you have to make sure it doesn't interfere with the seat belt or clips. I planned on doing mine that way, and ended up scrapping the idea and mounted the crossovers under the rear seat.
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