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Ran hot and not sure why?

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Ok, everyone. Was on my way to the state horse show here in Mississippi this mornin when I looked down and noticed my gauge cluster flashing 234 degrees. I pulled over and looked under the hood and water had blown out of the degas bottle. I shut her down and let her cool down and put a gallon of water in and cranked back up and started back home at a slow pace. It never got above 210 on the way home runnin 45-50 mph and I could hear my fan cycle on when it got to 204-206. Only thing I can figure is for some reason my fan failed to come on and it caused it to run hot. Any ideas???
BTW, had to borrow my pa-in-laws 7.3 dually to come on to the show.
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Another member on this forum had a similar issue happen on his truck and the plastic impeller on the water pump had cracked. His water pump was only like 5 months old.
Was you towing?

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Thomas, yes, I was pullin my BP trailer with two horses, prolly 6500lbs. I have talked to several people and they say it sounds like the electric fan clutch failed to kick on. That's what I'm thinkin too, since it ran fine after I let it cool down took it back home. My question is, what would cause this to happen and how do you keep it from happening again?
I don't believe that I have ever heard of the fan failing to come on. When my went bad, the truck would heat up to 218 then fan would come on @ 100% until it got back down to 192. Them the truck would start to heat up and repeat process. Only in high ambient temps though.
If your fan is bad it will throw a DTC saying "Fan circuit no signal."
If you do decide to put a fan on make sure you get the one that is for the plow/towing packaged trucks. It pulls a little more air to keep it cool.
Are you studded?
If you are, which gaskets where used?
Do you still have an EGR cooler in there?
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Oh and what are your EOT/ECT deltas?

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Thomas, I have been runnin stock for bout the past three weeks since I had to repair my ficm. Still have egr cooler and stock bolts. My deltas run 8-10. My truck has run as high as 220 ect since I have had it when towing here in summer. Looks like if it was a head gasket issue it would have run hot again after I started it back up?
You might still want to do a psi test on coolant system. When mine blew it never puked, smoked, or run hot, just starting missing coolant. Also might want to park it nose down on a hill overnight, the next morning pull egr valve and look inside the intake for water. Also clean valve while you have it out.

You can check your fan but you will have to get AE or find a shop that can do it. If you do decide to replace the fan make sure you get a genuine motorcade one. I got on of the cheap ones and I am still having cooling issues.

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I have a gauge ordered from napa. Gonna make a pressure tester to check my coolant pressure. I have had coolant missing before and not known where it went. Gonna do the egr test too to see if any water there. Thanks for your help!
Your welcome. I hope that the HG's are not gone. If they are use only OEM gaskets and some ARP's.

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Well, I'm kinda hoping they are gone because I have the diesel care extended warranty that will cover them being replaced. If that's the case I'm gonna do just that and buy the arp's and let them put them in when they replace the gaskets. Then, as soon as my warranty is up, I'm gonna delete the egr and prolly replace oil cooler and put the coolant filter system on.
I sure hope your warranty is better than some of the others I have heard about. Good luck.

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Well, the only time I've used it was right after I bought it and I had to have the turbo replaced because it was leaking oil past the seals. They also put a new egr valve on at the same time. Paid for everything on that. I think a lot of it has to do with the dealership and thier willingness to work with you. What experience have you had?:look:
Oh I don't buy extended warranties and I will never let a stealership work on my truck. I'm just referring to what I have read on here about people having trouble with them.

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Well, the way I see it mine has already paid for itself, so anything else is gravy. After warranty is out I seriously doubt I will take mine back to the dealership. As for buying extended warranties, this is the first one I ever bought and if it was not for the reputation of the 6.0 I prolly wouldn't have bought it, but I figured it was worth it for the price I paid for it.
Well, looks like I have located the problem, head gaskets goin south. Made my pressure tester for the coolant system and hooked up to my horse trailer and struck out towards town. Goin up big hill between house and town pressure
Gauge hit 20 psi and ect hit 234, so I pulled over and shut her down, waited for her to cool down and limped back home. Looks like I'm about to try to collect on my warranty again! Anybody else had theirs replaced under warranty? Just wondering what to expect. Do they replace anything else while doing the gaskets? I'm gonna buy the arp's to replace the bolts. Do they check oil cooler or anything?
Hope it works out for you.

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