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Hey guys, thought some of you would want to see real quick how to make the 05 lights fit a 04.

To start, will need to find a place with air compressor, if you don't have one. Need impact with some bumper sockets, I'm sure you guys know what sizes, so I'll skip all the obvious stuff, a 3 inch mini angle grinder,a die grinder or cutting wheel, and some shrink tube for electrical and of course the misc. stuff to remove your grille.

First drop the bumper down on one side removing the bolt that holds the side of the bumper up, then loosen the 18 mm's, at the front next to the tow hooks, no need to take the 18's all the way out, with the side bolt removed, the bumper will drop down enough on one side to clear the bottom 7/32 hex screws that hold in the signal on the 04, you do one side at a time, this is so your not stuck trying to stick this heavy a## bumper back on by yourself.

I'm gonna assume most of you know how to remove your headlights, if not shoot me a pm. After you take out your headlights and your grille, the header is pretty much exposed, Note you will also need to bail the black filler piece that wraps around the bottom of the front of your fender, you will need to take this off, and cut it, right after the two push in clips that hold it on, so that pretty much all that's left is just enough to cover the fender part, anymore than that will get in the way of the light.

The first pic will show you what the header looks like, than the pics to follow will show you what the header needs to look like in order for the new lights to fit.

As you can see you pretty much have to cut a complete square, the whole original headlamp pocket area needs to be removed. Be patient and don't cut too much, keep fitting the light, trimming a little more, and more fitting, it's easy to get rushed and over cut.

Once you get the lights fitted, you need to change over the main headlamp, socket. This is the only one you will need to change, the other 2 will work perfectly.

You need to go from the black plug, to the green plug.

Then you will need 4 ten mm fine threaded automotive bolts, and four cage nuts. 2 for the top of each side, the bottom 7/32 that went in the bottom of your original signal will still work for the bottom of the new lights.

What's cool is the 04 header has holes in the top where the 05 lights will bolt up, you will see what I mean when you put the new lights up to the header.

Thats pretty much it, I know it's not real detailed, but feel free to pm me any questions or post them up here, and I can answer, I can take pics of the cage nuts I used, if you guys want. Just let me know.

The final product of course

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