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My friend has an 08' 4door powerstroke and he just added an afe stage 2 intake and edge attitude module. It has a feature that records quarter mile times. With the intake, and chip on stock setting it ran a 16.4, then on extreme mode which is +100hp in 4wd it only ran a 15.6. Any ideas as 2 why it is this slow ir is it normal? We were both hoping for around a 14.9. Would customizing the settings insted of going with the extreme tune settings help? Any help is appreciated

The transmission also seemed to slip alot on the extreme setting, any cheap upgrades to help with this??

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My edge evolution is HIGHLY innacurate / inconsistant with the 0-60 and 1/4 mile times.....

I have run 7.71 0-60 in the stage 2 tune, and 8.00's in the stage 3 and 4.....

In stage 4 my trans doesn't know what to do with regards to the shifing..... Bogs, clunks, and feels HORRIFIC! I do not know if the computer wil need to re-learn some in the higher HP settings!? Not impressed with the stage 4 with the Evolution.....

Mileage improvements are HUGE! 17-18 MPG average with a heavy foot!

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