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Hey guys, new member here. Truck is a 05 F350drw.(stock tune). 6.0l
I'm having problems with big lack of power. Heading out of driveway, slow to shift. If I put the throttle down its like I'm getting no fuel(cutting out and no power). A little blueish smoke after sitting at the light on takeoff. Engine threw a icp code, so I replaced the ICP with no results. ICP at idle is now steady 585

I've spent countless hours reading other posts to troubleshoot the issue with no results. Bought a scangauge for readings.
Ficm is steady at 48.5, FICM logic at idle is 13.5(tested FICM both through gauge as well as testing the FICM manually).
EOT and Coolant are in good measure. ,VGT readings in spec., IPR readings in spec. Fresh oil change with filter, changed both fuel filters as well. I have cleaned the EGR.
Any advise?
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