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Putting Motor Back Together for Head Gasket - Stuck

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I'm doing an in cab head gasket replacement for my 04 Excursion. Everything has been going fine and I'm almost ready to put oil back in this thing! However, I have a problem. I forgot to position the fuel lines for the filter housing before putting the drivers side head on :doh: It seems like the lines need to go into the empty space between the manifold and the drivers side head because I cannot connect the fuel lines.

Some how I need to get the fuel lines between the manifold and head. I see there are some clips on the fuel lines (see attachment). Does anyone know if these can be seperated and if so how? If not, I am contemplating cutting the tubes and using pressure fittings to splice them back together. Any other suggestions?

Thanks in advance!


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Just take the head lifting bracket off of the head there are 2 hex screws that hold it into the head. Remove that bracket and position the lines then install that bracket again and voila your done.
Should you still wish to have the tool it is available at any parts house in several different styles and price ranges. Even harborfreight carries them.
Thanks Guys.

The head lifting bracket was my first thought. The bolts are in there pretty good so I didn't know if they were supposed to come out or not. I sprayed some penetrating oil on them and I'll let them sit for awhile.

Looking at the fuel lines more closely, looks like there are 4 tabs inside the coupling that if they get pushed at the same time, there would be separation. I'll look at harbor freight for the tool as my backup plan if the penetrating oil doesn't work.

In the meantime, I'll working on getting the evaporator core back in.
I got the bracket off. The allen started stripping so I put a T40 socket on it and it they came out:woot: Thanks Tuscany you saved me a few bucks and yet another trip to HF.

I'm wresting the evaporator housing back in and I have to tighten the drivers side exhaust bolts, then I should be home free.

No problem glad to help I just got done with mine the 15th of this month doing the exact same job.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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