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So installed a transmission from diesel site built to about 600hp. Install went smooth, pretty straight foward and less extensive than doing a used->used transmission swap.(i am an authorized dealer for and shop owner. So the customer went on with his transmission, says he loves it, has a different shift to it he says, but he didnt even know what a good transmission felt like as his fluid was so god awful smelling, and im not talking burnt trans smell, somethen crawled into the trans system and literally died (not literally) but the smell is there. He parks at home, same spot everyday, and gets a few leaks. Now over time its turned into a 5x5 stain. Im too the point to where i think his neighbor is pouring fluid over his tranny at night because i CANNOT, find where this leak is coming from. It seems to be the pan seal, but i already replaced it with a correct oem one as dieselsite out sources their gaskets for a 16$ non oem replica. Installed oem gasket, damn thing still leaks. Ive used rtv to seal the edges, just to kinda see if it does stop and locate the leak, but it still eventually built fluid up and started to drip again. Im to the point with diesel site that they are willing to send me another transmission. Over a leak tho?
-Not the dipstick tube. I sealed it.
-Replaced pan gasket
- not from the tail, and not from the vent tube on top.
Im finding it hard to replace a transmission over a leak. Plus il lose my *** on the deal, because it never works in favor for the guy that does the labor. TIA
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