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Got a part number for ya Scott
15C3Z*9J460*B Ford calls it Sensor Asy.
It's a hunch this sensor is causing my WHITE SMOKE ISSUES again.
This sensor was changed out back in April. Smoke cleared for a while. Came back shortly before the head gasket were changed out. Sorta comes and goes.......... Been smoking constant for a month. Seems ok at cold start up. Smokes heavy after a couple miles. Get on the interstate for 15 miles and get off and seems to clear up a bunch. Not Totally!! I Hate These Local Dealers In These Parts of VA. Not the friendly type N.C. has!!
9j460 is the exhaust back pressure sensor , i find it hard to believe that would cause white smoke , im sure anything is possible , it is a 6.0 :hehe:, sorry , just kiddn , on a 06 model its located on the left side of the engine right under the degas bottle , has a 5/8 fitting screwed to the bottom of it and an 1 and 1/16 wrench for the sensor , slightly hard to get to loyd on that model , its a gold sensor with a 3 wire connector plugging into it
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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