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Which option would you choose if you were me?

  • 2 yr 24K PremiumCare warranty

    Votes: 1 2.5%
  • 2 yr 24K ExtraCare warranty

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • 3 yr 36K ExtraCare warranty

    Votes: 4 10.0%
  • Delete, Tune, and Cross Fingers

    Votes: 35 87.5%

PremiumCare, ExtraCare, or Delete

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So, I've been following and reading these forums for a long time (about 2 years... ever since I wanted an 2008-2010 Super Duty). Yes, I know this gets asked all the time, but rarely do people list what kind of health their truck is in or which warranty to get.

Now, I've come to that point where I have to decide what to do:
2008 F250 4x4 with 79,000 miles (put about 15k on it a year)
OASIS was clean (no issues)
Pretty easy on it besides city driving
Maintained thoroughly

I've had it for almost 16,000 miles and only had 3 issues:
1. One time (literally once), the trucked "bucked" hard at about 45 MPH like something was wrong with the trans and it failed to accelerate or respond to accelerator pedal. Did this for about 30 seconds. Parked it. Turned it back on... hasn't happened again (over 12,000 miles).
2. A/C turns off occasionally while previously on and will not blow air at all. Happened 3 times and each time was fixed by simply restarting the truck.
3. Under medium to heavy acceleration, black smoke out the tailpipe. Not smokescreen quality, but viewable in mirrors pretty easily.

So, what to do now?

Assuming I can get one of the following:

1. 2 yr 24K PremiumCare warranty
2. 2 yr 24K ExtraCare warranty
3. 3 yr 36K ExtraCare warranty
4. Delete EGR and DPF plus tuner and cross my fingers

What would you do? Thanks everyone.
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Anyone have anything at all to say about it?
Ever since I have tuned this truck I have said that if I ever got a new diesel tuning and deleting would be the first thing I would do. I guess though it would be a little un-nerving knowing that you would probably have no warranty on a 50,000 + dollar truck.
I've only been a member on this board for a week, and one common denominator I see is "You have to PAY to PLAY".

There are a lot of guys with tuned trucks, and have been that way for several thousand miles. However there is risk obviously, and you have to ask yourself. Do you want to take that risk?

If this truck is your daily driver, and after you tune it something breaks and you can't afford to fix it, like a transmission or HPFP then I wouldn't tune it.
if its something your gonna wanna do anyways delete and tune it. cause if you wanna do it you will likely do it and void that expensive warranty anyways...
I am in the same situation in which I currently am coming to the end of my current extended warrenty. I will have the option to buy another warrenty for $2500 or dump the money into the programmer and delete. I use mine as a daily driver and really leaning toward the programmer and delete, I hate the regen dumping fuel into the crankcase. This kills a motor of what I am being told.
I would not own and drive a newer diesel truck without tuning and deleting.
Just my honest opinion!
Anyone have anything at all to say about it?
It's all in the votes.
Well, this all helps and I knew going in that I'd get this sort of sway in regards to the voting. After all, it's an enthusiast site.

I do drive it daily, but I don't work it hard. Every now and then I drag logs (about 4-7000 lbs) around or pull fence posts, but that's about it for hard work.

So, the common things that break are usually the radiator, EGR, or DPF. Unfortunately, 2 of those are only covered by PremiumCare. What's the cost on these things (EGR and DPF)?

Also, it's not that I can't afford to fix it, but I'm sure you guys understand that no one ever likes to have to pay to have something fixed.

Just for reference, how much (ballpark) is a tune and delete? I haven't really kept up with it in the last few months, but it's probably time I start looking. Also, how many people that are tuned have broken something that would have been taken care of under warranty?

I won't mind getting a warranty to cover another 2yr/24k though. I'm just trying to decide if it's good money spent given the "health" of my truck.
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delete from day one. aftermarket warranties aren't worth the paper they're printed on
Well what is a warranty? In simplest form it is an insurance policy. A warranty like all other insurance policies may or may not pay for itself in the long run.

If you really want to tune the truck then why don't you pay yourself for that insurance policy. Put the money in a bank account and if the truck ever breaks you've got some money sitting there to fix it.

It is anywhere from $1200 ish - 2000 ish to tune, DPF delete, and air intake. Depending on how crazy you get with things. The H&S mini will run about $900, but the Spartan is $1249. You could get an AFE CAI for around $309 or the S&B for $289. Then there is exhaust, it could be as cheap as a couple hundred bugs to just delete the DPF/DOC or as much as $600 for a full exhaust not including the down pipe. Prices vary per brand.

My vote it to tune and delete the DPF, but you have to accept the risk that you may have tranny problems or head gasket problems because of the mods and how hard you run the truck. You just never know. Of course if you tune it, then there is no point spending your money on the warranty because they are just going to void it if you ever have problems.

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Again everyone, thanks for your input.

Well, technically PremiumCare and ExtraCare are not aftermarket warranties. They are extended warranties from Ford. Yes, warranties are like insurance policies. You never know when you'll need it and you're mad because you have to pay for it (and thankful that you don't have to use it) but are relieved when you have it and need it.

The reason it's hard for me to judge is because I've had relatively few issues from my truck so far. I know that does not mean I will not have issues (I'm an engineer so I know how that works).

Exactly how much money should I set aside for repair work on this truck. I've seen some people say $10,000, but is that really a reasonable number? I'd think 3-4000 should be enough.

Like I said, I don't really work it unreasonably hard. I have a Cobra that gets worked when I want to go fast. The truck is a daily and I don't need it to be the fastest truck in town. I could use better MPG though (mine hovers around 12.5-13 MPG city and 16-17 MPG hwy (hand-calculated).

It's looking like the majority here would do delete and tune which is not surprising at all :)

I have about a week or so to make the final decision as I'll be out of the PremiumCare option and have to pay slightly more for the ExtraCare.
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This was the reason I decided to tune my truck as well. I also had very few issues and figured it would be worth it. I use my truck for work which means it is important that I take care of it and not drive it like a race car but use my mustang for that purpose :D. I would think that 3-4 thousand in a repair fund would be fine however if something major fails like a hpfp or head gasket issues you would chew up alot of that pretty quick. But your truck will be alot happier after you tune and delete :).
i was very displeased with my local dealership truck shop. the way things were going i felt that they would not honor a big repair. i was just under a 1k miles out of bumper to bumper warranty and they offered no help on a rad replacement. will never buy from that dealership. will never take my truck there. seems like thats their intention at this point which shows a lack of integrity and effort in service. so everything is deleted and maintaining my maintenance haha.
Okay, it looks like I'll look towards deleting, but I'll try to get this possible DPF issue fixed before that warranty runs out (does the 5yr/100k cover that?). I've read that if it's blowing out black smoke, it probably has a crack in it.

From there, I may get something like the ExtraCare warranty to cover me for now and then cancel it (it's pro-rated) when I get ready to do the delete and tune. That'd be like getting the best of both worlds except I'd lose some money (but gain peace of mind) while I decide how I want to tune it.

Does this sound like a terrible plan or does anyone else have another path to consider? :help:
Man oh man I feel ur pain. My truck is a 2010 and I bought her just over a year ago. Came from a 6.0 and I thought that truck was my baby...

Anyways 26k miles later in a years time, and 21k miles of those deleted, all I got to say is thank God for the ORG. I currently am still under warranty and I can honestly say the best warranty u can buy for ur truck is tuner dpf and egr delete. I was worried senseless of deleting my truck and voiding warranty.

Then I came on this site and realized how bad I was plaguing my truck by keeping her stock. By keeping her stock with the emissions equipment ur truck is dying a slow death. It's like breathing in cigarette smoke it's entire life while tryin to run marathons. Not Gonna happen. Ur truck will eventually die or clog and overheat or have major component failure somewhere.

Do urself and ur truck a favor and delete all emissions equipment. As a fellow engineer, understand this...these trucks are designed to run off of clean air and exit without backup. The emissions equipment forces just the opposite and then poisons the main arteries if ur truck.

I have talked with several ford engineers and every single one of them say the same thing. The EPA mandated emissions equipment req have plagued the 6.4s in the states. Delete and u will have a reliable daily d.

Worst case scenario u replace a radiator with a Better one or run ur truck top hard and have to get head gaskets and studs those bulletproofing ur truck forever. All under 5k.

So seriously...My fellow engineer...delete the emissions equipment and run this baby the way she was designed to run..,.like an absolute beast with clean air and solid food.

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Btw before I tuned I had black smoke out the rear. It means ur dpf is not working properly. I had two new CPUs put in bc ford couldn't figure it out why it was going into limp mode. Long story short delete before they keep ur DD for a month with no solution or make ur problem worse. Black smoke when stock means bad things.

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After that WilsonW2, Im sold. Tuner and dpf it is for me.
you won't regret it sir. Unless you have a lemon. Prior to deleting, I do encourage you to ask your dealer to pressure test your coolant system and make sure you have all of the latest call backs and TSBs. for example, make sure you have the Venturi-T done and the new upper radiator hose done. My 2 cents. Good luck!
Thanks wilson. You know the engineering mindset. I often get into analysis paralysis when making these sorts of decisions. I made myself a graph and table to compare all the possible solutions too. LOL... seriously... trying to find the optimum price to benefit solution.

So, I'm at 79xxx miles. I change oil every 5k. Change fuel filters ever 10k. Truck has pretty much no history or signs of major issues.

What do I need the dealer to check before I run out of the 5 yr 100k powertrain or 80k emissions warranties?

Maybe I should start another thread on that.
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