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1999 F250 Lariat AT 4x4
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Looking at a 1999 f250 automatic this week with just under 137k. Has had three or four owners, so no real maintenance recs. Current owner really only used it to pull cattle trailers with a gooseneck trailer. He put about 40k on it. He mentioned something about pulling up to 20,000lbs at times, going 35 mph over passes. Last oil change was over a year ago, though less than 5k miles. When I asked if he ran a tuner he seemed confused and said he tried "one of those chip things, but it didn't seem to do anything so got rid of it." He also said something about synthetic oil being good for 10k change intervals, but that he would shoot for 5k.

Cats gone, 4" exhaust on it.

I guess I'm concerned that it is going to be problems with a somewhat sketchy maintenance history and being over worked. Got a few red flags here maybe.

Will check for blow by and turbo fins, anything I should do specifically to gauge how tired things are? Taking it to a mechanic who owns an OBS 7.3, so hoping he is comfortable with what to check out.

Guy's asking $11,500 for it.
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