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PowerTank air tank for sale - fill your tires!

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PowerTank air tank. it is a black 10 lb tank with every option. i have the mesh cover, the hard bottom base, mounting bracket, protective regulator cover, adjustable regulator with dual gauges (0-3000psi tank pressure and 0-160psi flow gauge) with output from 0-160psi. also have a coiled 25' air hose with standard tire valve nozzle and also the optional on/off nozzle with tire pressure gauge.
only thing wrong is the gauge on the on/off nozzle has a crack and always reads about 13 psi, but any tire pressure over 13 psi it is accurate.

This setup is also great to do what i always did and fill it with nitrogen and after airing down my tires re-filling them with nitrogen. its nice because with tires hot or cold it doesnt matter, nitrogen does not expand and your tire pressure will be the same 100% of the time

The retail price on this set up ran me over $500!!

Only used it in my old FJ Cruiser for about 2 months

Asking $350

I am located in Southern California, Northern Los Angeles area and am willing to drive to meet if local. if shipped, buy is responsible for shipping.

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Sweet truck man. Looks better muddy than clean.
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