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Powerstroke Rebuild Shop in Colorado?

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I may need an engine rebuild. What shop(s) are around that y'all know of and would recommend? I've been doing some research and looking at reviews. Still dunno what to do.:confused::dunno:
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I've had most of my work done here:
In Littleton - west side C470 and Ken Caryl, Excel Diesel. Ralph is the Store manager.
They are a bit pricey, but usually able to haggle some % down depending on what's being done.

In Denver - Diesels only. Just west of I-25, on Alameda. Smaller shop, but been around for a long time.
In Castle Rock - Douglas County Diesel.
In Co. Springs, - would recommend Patterson Custom Diesel or Dirt Road Diesel.

What are you needing to have done? I may have one more shop I can recommend depending....
Not sure what needs to be done yet. If it is a dead cylinder, I would imagine the standard rebuild. I won't need new injectors as I just plopped those in. I live in Bennett--just east of DIA.
Another one that just dawned on me that's on the east side near Ft. Lupton - Rockin S Diesel.
I've heard good things for his shop.
Thanks for the references! I have called several shops to get an idea of what I will be paying and how long I would be in a rental vehicle. Would be about 3-4 weeks and around $7k-$8k or so (not including a new turbo).

I talked with Terry at Western Engine Supply and told him what happened. He said one cylinder wouldn't cause the truck to suddenly stop and not start like it is doing. Told me he is pretty certain it is the Cam Position Sensor (which I read about on the 9 most commons issues with the 7.3 on dieselIQ). My guys will check that out when they can dig their way to my truck. I sure as hell hope that is the issue--I'll gladly pay the $30 or so for the part plus a bit in labor vs a full engine rebuild.:please::please::please:
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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