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I recently trade my 09 6.4 for a 12 6.7. H&S Mini Maxx, intake and 4" with delete. Immediately noticed that the while idling, the turbo kicks in and winds up intermittently every 20-30 seconds. (only while idling) Asked around didnt find any solid answers and since it ran fine I let it be. 5K miles in now and yesterday as I was entering the Hwy, and accelerating, got a loud bang under the hood, lost all power and it blows dark black smoke when I accelerate. Drove it home and opened the hood found that the intake hose on the opposite side of the air filter was broken at the a joint and a steel circle the size of a wrist bracelet was hanging off of the hose clamp.

I now have a couple questions...

1 - Is it the turbo?
2 - Should I put it back to stock for warranty purposes before taking it to the dealer?

Called the dealer and the response was: if the modifications cause the failure, your warranty is not void, but the parts in question will be excluded from warranty. Sounds to me like I already lost.
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