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I have an '06 F250 with the usual mods: studded, egr delete, full Banks setup and a SCT Livewire TS. When I accelerate ( foot to the floor ) my ICP goes to about 800, the turbo spools to 20psi and the exhaust howls like a big dog but the truck doesn't seem to move quickly. When I accelerate about 3/4 throttle my truck jumps to 31psi, moves swiftly-hardly any exhaust can be heard and hauls butt. I am seeing a misfire in cylinders 2 and 6 also. I think that I might have an issue with the Livewire TS as I bought it used and it is throwing my truck for a loop. I am going to return it to stock tonight to see if that fixes the problem but need some input if anyone else has experienced this.... any help would be appreciated
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