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The power door locks on our 2000 Excursion (7.3L PSD, 2WD, Limited) all stopped working during a trip to Orlando this last week. I replaced all the actuators within the last year and they'd all been working great leading up to this.

The remotes, door switches, and keypad appear to have no effect on the actuators. I do hear a clicking sound behind the radio (GEM?) when I attempt to lock or unlock the doors with the remotes. I find no voltage at the passenger-side door switch as per troubleshooting instructions I found online but fuse 102 looks fine. I switched out the lock/unlock relays behind the radio with the same from the interior fuse box - no effect. I checked all fuses in both fuse boxes - all fine. Lastly, I disconnected/reconnected the batteries in case any modules needed resetting. Sounds as if it might be a grounding problem but I'm not sure where or what to look for.

Any suggestions?

I wouldn't mind just using the key for entry but when I changed out the actuators (online cheapies), I replaced my front exterior door handles with those for the back seats (no locks). Both front locks had been jimmied so this was an attempt to foil future break-ins. Until I find a fix for the current problem, I have to crawl through the Excursion from the back gate!
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