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Don't know if this has been suggested before but I'll share how I was able to bypass siphoning a full tank during a 2017's frame mounted fuel filter change.
First I was PO'd at myself because I filled the tank then got home to see that the fuel filters that I had been tracking arrived. I was just about to let out a Samuel L. Jackson "[email protected]$&er" when I remembered I just had a conversation with my youngest about not letting anger and frustration keep you from solving a problem. I remembered that previous filter changes on my driveway, which is sloped, were a little easier. So I pulled in my garage, set the brake and lifted the front of the truck about 6 in off the ground (this is with the jack stands under the front axle).


Prior full tank filter changes led to siphoning the tank and I ended up just dropping the filter and taking a diesel bath. But now I don't have to worry about planning around full tanks. In total I drained about 60 oz
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